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Making life right (when so much seems wrong)

July 20, 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic, the resulting economic depression, our global reckoning with systemic racism and structural injustice, and the divergent responses by political and religious leaders have shaken our lives and world. People in every walk of life around the world are seeking to understand what a “reset” of our way of life should look like. Individuals, families, churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments are asking how we should live differently in the aftermath of these crises and exposure of our systemic evils and injustices. Are we, as “Hamilton” declares, “seeing the world turned upside down” in a revolution, or will those with power and privilege try as quickly as possible to reestablish our old “normal”?

What is the will of God for how we are to live?

I believe God has already made clear how we can participate in God making life right in and through us.

I explore this in a short book, Making Life Right (when so much seems wrong): Reflections on Micah 6:8. This book examines dimensions of God’s will that root our lives more deeply into the soil of God’s love and faithfulness. The connections with how we are to address the painful issues of these turbulent times are clear. As the Spirit guides us into obedience to these grand aspects of God’s will, our lives can become strong and solid enough to endure, to bear more abundantly the fruit of God’s Spirit, and to participate more fully in God making life right through us.

As my small response to the catastrophe of the Covid-19 pandemic and our facing and repairing the ravages of racism, I am gladly making the attached reflections available without charge. Access them for free as a pdf. Print or ebook versions are available on Amazon.

Click the title below to download a free pdf.

Making Life Right (when so much seems wrong)

Feel free to pass this link on to others (though it helps me if you have others access it through the website, rather than forward the pdf directly.

If you would like, I welcome hearing from you.

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