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Christ’s Heart, Our Home

June 23, 2022

“I’ve lived much of my Christian life at the wrong address. My own small heart has been the center around which life rotated, seeking occasional assistance from Jesus. I now recognize that God invites us to move–so that our lives are centered in the great heart of God.”

I’m grateful to announce the release of a new book.

I believe it is the most important one I’ve ever written. It’s also the shortest. It begins with a nearly indescribable journey God took me on to encounter God’s heart of love, and then portrays a deeply personal process through which the Spirit has worked to relocate my life into our home in Christ.

Jesus repeatedly calls us to “abide” in him—to make our home in him. This responds to one of the critical illnesses of our age—homesickness. We seek a place where we are lovingly known, belong, and are safe. Without this, we resort to desperate and at times destructive measures. Coming home means joining in the wonder of God moving our fragile, frail self-preoccupied hearts into God’s vast heart of love. 

This book relays conversations I’ve had with God about surmounting deep-seated patterns that keep us locked in shame, anxiety, and self-preoccupation. It also outlines very practical daily spiritual practices that are accessible to anyone, through which the Spirit “trains us in grace” (Titus 2.11-12), so that we live ever more fully in the assurance of God’s love, and view everything we encounter through Christ’s eyes of love. 

It is available on Amazon:

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