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Dynamis Course

We need strength, power and ability to find God’s will and live God’s way. We need guidance to create a lifetime lifestyle of participation in God’s mission. We need dynamis.

The Dynamis Course explores a lifestyle empowered by the Spirit. God gives us the ability and strength to walk faithfully and fruitfully and fulfill God’s will and ways in our journey of faith.

Participation in God’s mission is the joyous privilege of all God’s people, all of the time, in every aspect of our lives.

The course creates opportunities to encounter God’s transforming power and purposes for our lives and our world—and to discern God’s vision for the next steps in our own journey of faith.

By the end of the course, participants will have developed a summary of the qualities, dreams and commitments to which God is inviting them.

What is Dynamis?

Dynamis is the word used in the New Testament for strength, power and ability. The Christian life requires more than conviction and commitment.  It is not enough simply to believe the right things or try as hard as we can. The gospel of Christ is not simply the good news of salvation.  It is not just a set of ideas and information.   “The gospel is the dynamis (strength, power and ability) of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16).  Living fruitfully along the journey of faith requires power – the power, strength and ability of God poured into our lives through Christ by the Holy Spirit.  “I pray that you may know…the immeasurable greatness of God’s dynamis for us who believe, according to the working of his great power.  (Ephesians 1:19)

The seven sessions of the DYNAMIS Course explore God’s power for our journey of faith through:

  • Fast-paced 25 minute video presentations
  • Guides for leaders and participants with reflection and discussion questions, and activities for small groups
  • Suggestions for personal reflection to discern God’s vision for our lives
  • Worksheets to create an overview of our journey of faith and a summary of the next steps to which God is calling us

Topics of 7 sessions

  1. Homecoming  In Christ we are drawn into the embrace of God’s love.
  2. Purpose  God empowers us to contribute toward life being made right for others.
  3. Changes  Christ’s authority and power bring change to every aspect of our lives and society.
  4. Community Community in Christ isn’t defined by our similarities or preferences, but by our Saviour.
  5. Generosity  Generosity is an act of justice, for “charity” contributes to a fair balance
  6. Confidence We are empowered to brings signs of the certain future in the complexities of today
  7. Surprises Because God is trustworthy we live boldly in the journey of faith.
Course Resource Downloads:

This course has been created in partnership with Bethany Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA and World Vision International.  It is made available free of charge for use around the world. Materials can be adapted for local use.  Our only request is that you contact us and let us know if and how you are using the resources.

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