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Short Term Mission

In the 15 years since I first wrote this book, much has changed in our world. Therefore, InterVarsity Press invited me to revise it to respond to some of the current challenges and opportunities we face.

In addition to revising every chapter, I inserted a new chapter on preparing for risks and expanded the conclusion on returning home: making the most of your trip.

The most important aspect of a short-term mission trip is what happens in our lives when we return. How do we live in light of what we’ve experienced? What we experience is shaped by how we prepare. These materials have been used by over 25,000 people around the world to prepare for short-term mission trips. If you’re investing the time and money in going in a mission trip, it is well-worth it to invest the time needed to make the most of your experience. At the back of the workbook are simulation games and other learning experiences to enhance your cross-cultural preparation.

The Short Term Missions Workbook is written by Tim Dearborn and published by InterVarsity Press (2003). The 2nd, revised edition was published in 2018. It is available on Amazon.

Presentations: The following Power Point Presentations correspond with the sessions in the workbook and are available for free. They can be downloaded and adapted for use by you in preparing people for short term mission trips.

Introduction to Short-term mission preparation

1. The God of Mission

2. Learning to delight in Differences

3. Embracing Change

4. Maximizing Personal Growth

5. Working together as a team

6. Communicating Clearly

7. Staying spiritually fresh

8. Preparing for risks

9. Anticipating the return home

10. Making the most of your trip once you’re home

  1. Danny permalink

    Our church is using this book to prepare for a short term trip. I am interested in checking out the PowerPoint presentations. However, the only presentation that downloads is session 9 “Welcome to the Journey.” How do I get sessions 1-8? I understand this may simply be a case of “user-error.” Thanks for any help!

    • Danny, glad you are using the workbook. I’ve updated the links. Sorry for the confusion. Try the new ones and let me know. Thanks. Tim

  2. Danny permalink

    Works great! Much thanks. Danny

  3. John permalink

    Where is your advent on abortion, pornography, violence in media, etc.? Why the gun issue when most violence is perpetrated by evil against innocent? I really don’t get it. I am a very conservative theologian, and we can have our differences, but the advent is more of an opinion with little theological reference that I can agree with in totality. Very disappointing.

  4. Thankss great blog post

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