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Business as a Holy Calling?

Business can be as much full-time Christian service as preaching or serving as a missionary.  All of God’s people are called into “full-time” ministry. What does it take for all of us to end each day, regardless of our work, feeling content that we’ve served God well?

Version 2Business as a Holy Calling is a 7  session study guide for individuals and small groups to explore God’s purposes for business. It’s especially designed for use by church leaders with business persons in their congregation to explore together how the church can better support its members in their ministry in the marketplace.


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Other Resources on Business, Marketing, Fund-raising, and Microenterprise Development

Marketing and Fund-raising as Ministry: It is no wonder the Bible has more to say about money than most other topics. Where our treasure is we will find our hearts. Yet money is a good gift, and helping people make money and give money away is integral to God’s purposes. The following booklet reflects on two aspects of this: fund-raising and marketing.

Marketing and Fund-raising as Ministry
Marketing as Ministry (Spanish)
Marketing as Ministry (French)
Marketing as Ministry (Portuguese)

Microenterprise: Microenterprise has become an important tool in alleviating poverty. This is an opportunity for new ways of doing business to be created, business done as a ministry, according to the will and way of God. These two books provide biblical reflections on this.

Doing Business in the Kingdom of God.pdf

Business and Microenterprise as Ministry (English

Business and Microenterprise as Ministry (Spanish) 

Business and Microenterprise as Ministry (French) 

Business and Microenterprise as Ministry (Portuguese)

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