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Ordinary Witness

Our witness to the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a set of optional activities added on to already busy lives and work.  Rather, it is integral to all we do. Everything we do witnesses to something–our motives, our desires, our capacities. Witness isn’t optional, it’s inevitable.  Therefore, it is essential that we see how every aspect of our lives participate in God’s purposes for human life. Seen this way, we can embrace everything we do as “full-time Christian service” and participating in the Mission of God.

Reflections on Advocacy & Justice: One central aspect of this is how we advocate for others. This text explores the biblical foundations for advocacy and justice, and outlines a specific approach to our engagement in the ministry of advocacy.

Reflections on Advocacy and Justice
Reflections on Advocacy and Justice (Spanish)
Reflections on Advocacy and Justice (French)

Grace Shaped Leadership: The Grace Shaped Leadership booklet explores the implications of God’s grace for the life of leaders and the release of creativity in God’s people.

Grace Shaped Leadership.pdf

Extraordinary Witness in Ordinary Ways: Our witness to God’s love isn’t a set of specialized activities but an inevitable, unavoidable result of how we live in the world. Everyone witnesses to what motivates them all the time. The Spirit of God invites us to choose intentionally to what, to whom, and how we do this witness. The following book examines this in areas of life we don’t normally discuss such as engagement with government, with people who have power, people with disabilities, and strangers.

Extraordinary Witness in Ordinary Ways
Extraordinary Witness (French)
Extraordinary Witness (Spanish)
Extraordinary Witness (Portuguese)

Formation for Suffering: Life involves suffering, and central to our participation in God’s mission in being equipped to respond to suffering. This is a “short course” that I developed for World Vision’s emergency responders who are the first on the scene of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world.

Formation for Suffering.pdf

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