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God is not worried about the future of the world

January 30, 2013

Since leaving World Vision International a few months ago, I have had time to revise and republish Beyond Duty: A Passion for Christ, a Heart for Mission. This new edition reflects some of what I’ve learned during my 10 years with World Vision, some of the changes that have occurred in our world, and some of the changes God has brought to my own heart and soul.

My conviction is that our engagement in mission is not a set of tasks, strategic objectives or strenuous obedience to God’s mandate in response to world needs. Rather, it is our joyous participation in the life-giving love and grace of God for the world.  This love engenders confident trust and bold hope. In spite of what is proclaimed by the noise of the doomspeakers and naysayers, we live in a world about whose future God isn’t worried.  For more information, visit Dynamis Resources. To order from Amazon, click here

Here’s an excerpt:

“The gospel frees us to live from the center of God’s encompassing love. We needn’t live from the burdensome center of “me”. It’s not about my mission, ambitions, work and weaknesses. We can live as grateful participants in God’s abundant love for the world. In the midst of our obedient service, we can sing and play and not take ourselves so seriously.  The news we sing is utterly “good”. We are expressions of God’s great “yes” in Christ. The gospel  resounds with the stunning “Yes” of God.

God is in love with us and with all of creation. If God responds with love toward us, can’t we do the same?

God is not mad at us. If the God of  justice isn’t mad, what good reason is there for us to be?…

God is good at God’s job of ruling the world. If God is good at God’s job, maybe we shouldn’t try to take over?

And so, God isn’t worried about the state of the world (or of our lives). If God’s not worried about the future of our life or the world, maybe we don’t need to be so anxious?” (pp. 6-7)

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